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Fantasy Suits Podcast

Fantasy Suits Podcast

Fantasy Suits PodcastFantasy Suits PodcastFantasy Suits Podcast

Tailor Your Game

A Fresh Take on Fantasy Football

The "network" podcasts all regurgitate the same mundane bullshit. The "independent" podcasts are constantly missing the mark.

The Suits aren't just breaking the mold - they're destroying it with unique and unparalleled fantasy football analysis. This podcast is fun as hell and it's exactly what you've been looking for.

In-Depth Analysis

Positional player trends, outcome probabilities, and statistical scrutiny is how the Suits maintain an unprecedented level of fantasy football success.

Custom Content

Every fantasy football league is unique and everyone's team is different. The Suits answer their listeners' questions - whether via email, direct message, comments to their posts on social media, or using the form below!


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